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On Being Sent Down from Yale

On Being Sent Down from Yale – by Edgar Nkosi White – 11/17/2009 – MR Zine

Edgar White was born in Montserrat West Indies. He has lived in the United States and England. His plays have been successfully presented in New York, London, and Africa. In the following autobiographical extract, he describes how his radical activities in the seventies led him to being sent down from Yale.



Yale Repertory Theater

African drama ‘Eclipsed’ at Yale Rep: Mixing fact, fiction in African drama at Yale Rep
By Joe Meyers, Connecticut Post 10/29/2009


New Projection Major At Yale

Wendall K. Harrington Heads New Projection Major At Yale Oct 21, 2009 – Live Design – Ellen Lampert-Gréaux

Projection designer Wendall K. Harrington will head the new projection concentration within the design department at the Yale School of Drama, as announced by Ming Cho Lee and Stephen Strawbridge, co-chairs. The program begins in the fall of 2010, as one of the first graduate theatre training programs of its kind in the United States.


“Antibiosis” @ the Yale Cabaret

Paging Dr. Freud: ‘Antibiosis’ offers a new psychodrama
Donald Brown New Haven Advocate October 21, 2009
By Donald Brown

Shannon Sullivan’s Antibiosis, at the Yale Cabaret, is situational drama: Put three characters in a situation, and see what occurs. The play mixes time frames so we don’t get the story in a linear manner. It seems to come full-circle from the present to the present. In between are flashbacks, but not necessarily in the order of occurrence. There are also a number of soliloquies even harder to pin down in terms of “when.”


Pop! casting

Harrison to Star as Warhol in Yale Rep’s POP! Musical; Kreeger, Kritzer Also Cast Adam Hetrick Playbill 15 Oct 2009


Reviews of “The Master Builder”

A Man of Power and the Women Who Worship Him ANITA GATES New York Times September 25, 2009

Yale’s ‘Master Builder’ Energetic, Bleakly Witty SUSAN HOOD Hartford Courant September 26, 2009

Riz Blog Review: “The Master Builder” at Yale Rep Frank Rizzo 10/2/2009 Hartford Courant

Ibsen, In A Time Capsule Allan Appel | September 25, 2009 New Haven Independent

Actors ‘master’ a weak ‘builder’ Austin Bernhardt Yale Daily News September 25, 2009

‘Builder’ illustrates universal themes Zeynep Pamuk Yale Daily News September 22, 2009

In “The Master Builder” at Yale Rep, a creative genius faces competition from the young By Chesley Plemmons, News Times 10/02/2009

The Masturbator:Ibsen sensualized at the Yale Rep Christopher Arnott New Haven Advocate 9/30/2009


Hocus Pocus

Hocus Pocus: Yale Dramat and Yale Cabaret flirted with the edge of reality
Donald Brown, New Haven Advocate 10.14.2009