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Yale’s Rustic Kroon Hall Fits Carbon Neutral Technology


The new Kroon Hall at Yale University strikes a rustic note with its barn-like form and thick vaulting roof, as if made of thatch. It’s not about quaint, since it is among the few buildings in America that can claim to be almost carbon neutral — the Holy Grail in the battle against global warming. That “thatch” supports photovoltaic panels.

Yale’s Rustic Kroon Hall Fits Carbon Neutral Technology: Review James S. Russell Bloomberg 7/20/09


Tsien and Pelli recipients of the 2009 AIA/ALA Library Building Awards

Minneapolic Public Libraries

Former Dean of the Architecture School, Cesar Pelli and visiting professor, Billie Tsien have both been named recipients of the 2009 AIA/ALA Library Building Awards.

The new Minneapolis Central Library is a vital civic landmark and cultural center for downtown Minneapolis. The highly sustainable design, which arose from a collaborative, public process, reinvigorates the idea of the grand urban library for new generations.

Read the full press release here.


Two at the Yale Rep named Theater Arts Fellows

Jennifer Tipton, the Yale Repertory Theatre lighting design adviser, and Bill Rauch, the Rep associate artist, were named 2008 United States Artists Fellows in Theater Arts and will receive a $50,000 grant, a press release from the Yale School of Drama said Tuesday.

Briefly: Two at the Yale Rep named Theater Arts Fellows Esther Zuckerman YDN 11/12/08

Chicago architect Douglas Garofalo gets $50,000 grant for artistic excellence


So why are Garofalo’s buildings making the covers of architectural magazines? And why was he tapped last year for a coveted teaching position at the Yale School of Architecture, where he used to be a student?

Perhaps because he stands at a unique juncture between two conflicting worlds: the old world of hand-drawn blueprints and two-by-fours; and the new world of computer software that makes possible a dazzling variety of shapes. Even in his skilled hands, however, these twisting, bending forms sometimes look better on the computer screen than when they get built.

Chicago architect Douglas Garofalo gets $50,000 grant for artistic excellence Blair Kamin Chicago Tribune 11/10/08

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MOS of New Haven wins Strip Mall Redesign Contest

1st Award of Excellence Winner, MOS, New Haven, Connecticut

Architecture firm MOS of New Haven has been announced the winner in Scottsdale Museum of Contemporary Art‘s Strip Mall Redesign Contest.

Via Interior Design: The Phoenix Metropolitan area is swathed in a post-war design trend many consider a blemish on the suburban landscape: the strip mall. Surveying the global architecture community, the Scottsdale Museum of Contemporary Art (SMoCA) launched a competition in late 2007 to redesign these now aging, dilapidated shopping pavilions. Winners of the Flip a Strip competition were announced on October 4.

Thanks to Design New Haven!

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New Haven Mayor’s Community Arts Grant

The Mayor’s Community Arts Grants Program has been designed to support the community by providing financial, marketing and technical assistance for arts and cultural related programs, projects and events which occur in New Haven neighborhoods.

Individuals who are presenting, teaching or practicing artists and non-profit arts organizations working with neighborhood-based community and/or youth or senior groups in the City of New Haven. Eligible activities include: festivals, parades, exhibitions, murals/public art, children’s activities, inter-generational programs, arts education, film, public performances, neighborhood collaborations and apprenticeships.

The application deadline is June 4, 2008. A total of $25,000 will be awarded through grants up to $2,000. The grant application package is available for download on the City’s website, visit this website. For more information about the program, please contact Kim Futrell at (203) 946-7172 or

Press release here.

Jean Nouvel wins Pritzker

French architect Jean Nouvel is the 2008 Pritzker Architecutre Prize Laureate. Recent project by Nouvel include the Guthrie Theatre in Minneapolis, Minn. and an extension to the Reina Sofia Museum in Madrid, Spain. He recently released a design for a 75 story residential skyscraper in New York City as well.

NYT slide-show of his work here.

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