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Throwing away the Green House

Chase: Throwing away the Green House and sustainability Thomas Chase – Yale Daily News October 27, 2009

Given my work as an ecologist and environmentalist studying environmental impacts and the built environment, that the school’s gallery was hosting “The Green House: New Directions in Sustainable Architecture” should have warmed my heart. However, on a routine salvage visit to the loading dock behind Paul Rudolph Hall, I was surprised to find the entire exhibit, eight-foot-tall stands, display boards, tables and all, in a dumpster awaiting its one-way trip to the landfill. So much reusable material was being discarded that an extra dumpster, in addition to the one normally present, was on-site to receive it.


NY Times review of “The Green House”

Buildings Easy on the Earth, and the Eyes FRED A. BERNSTEIN September 18, 2009 New York Times

Building a green house is about as easy as unfrying an egg. One goal is to reduce “indoor air pollution” — fumes from paints and other possibly hazardous materials. Another is to minimize energy expended on heating and cooling. The first goal requires that the house have lots of ventilation; the second requires it to be tightly sealed.

“It’s a conundrum,” said Alanna Stang, a writer who helped create “The Green House: New Directions in Sustainable Architecture and Design,” an exhibition at the Yale School of Architecture.


Yale’s Rustic Kroon Hall Fits Carbon Neutral Technology


The new Kroon Hall at Yale University strikes a rustic note with its barn-like form and thick vaulting roof, as if made of thatch. It’s not about quaint, since it is among the few buildings in America that can claim to be almost carbon neutral — the Holy Grail in the battle against global warming. That “thatch” supports photovoltaic panels.

Yale’s Rustic Kroon Hall Fits Carbon Neutral Technology: Review James S. Russell Bloomberg 7/20/09


Turnbull’s Truly Tiny House

Student Builds Tiny House With Big Sustainability May 26, 2009 Fox News Dan Duquette

Think your apartment is small? Don’t try to tell that to Elizabeth Turnbull.

While studying for her master’s in urban ecology and environmental design, the 24-year-old graduate student at Yale University is living in a truly tiny house.

It measures just 8 1/2 feet wide by 18 1/2 feet long, for a cozy total of 144 square feet.

The goal? Limiting her impact on the environment.


Kroon Hall opening celebration, May 8


Covering Kroon’s south-facing roof are dark panels that generate electricity. Rainwater running off the roof is collected into a courtyard pond, where after being filtered by aquatic plants, it’s used for flushing the building’s toilets and watering the grounds. Four wells, each 1,500 feet deep, extract warmth from underground water to help heat and cool the building.

Because of these and other resource-conserving technologies, Kroon uses half the power of a conventional structure, and is expected to earn the highest rating (platinum) of the U.S. Green Building Council’s LEED program.

Innovative Building Brings Focus To Yale’s Science Hill Philip Langdon Hartford Courant 4/26/09

The $33.5 million building atop Science Hill at 195 Prospect Street will host a grand opening celebration at 4 p.m. May 8.

Designed by Hopkins Architects of Great Britain and Connecticut’s Centerbrook Architects & Planners, Kroon Hall uses natural materials such as Briar Hill stone and red oak from Yale’s own forests

Educational Edifices Business New Haven 5/4/09

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New Forestry School Building, Kroon Hall Approaches Carbon-Neutrality

Helioscribe @ Flickr

Early this year, a new building opened on the Yale University campus that set out to achieve the architectural Holy Grail in the age of global warming — getting to carbon neutral.

The biggest savings came not from sexy new technologies but from figuring out how to make the design function like an old-fashioned cathedral, with a slender profile for maximum daylighting, an east-west orientation for greater solar gain on the long southern exposure, careful use of shading, and plenty of stone and concrete to store thermal energy.

Pursuing the Elusive Goal Of a Carbon-Neutral Building Richard Conniff Yale Environment 360 3/3/09

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Tsien and Pelli recipients of the 2009 AIA/ALA Library Building Awards

Minneapolic Public Libraries

Former Dean of the Architecture School, Cesar Pelli and visiting professor, Billie Tsien have both been named recipients of the 2009 AIA/ALA Library Building Awards.

The new Minneapolis Central Library is a vital civic landmark and cultural center for downtown Minneapolis. The highly sustainable design, which arose from a collaborative, public process, reinvigorates the idea of the grand urban library for new generations.

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