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Constructed Objects

Symposium looks at postmodernism Matthew Claudel – Yale Daily News -November 17, 2009

The Yale School of Architecture, in association with the Yale University Art Gallery, organized a symposium last Thursday and Friday titled “Constructed Objects: Architects as Designers in the 20th century.” The event focused on the commoditization of architecture, the role of architects in outfitting interior spaces and the relationship between the built environment and the objects that inhabit it.


Constructed Objects

Symposium at Yale Looks at Everyday Things Through Architectural Prism Yale University Office of Public Affairs

“Constructed Objects: Design by Architects in the 20th Century,” a symposium taking place November 12–13 at Yale School of Architecture, will explore ways in which architecture and design infuse and inform the everyday objects we use.


Throwing away the Green House

Chase: Throwing away the Green House and sustainability Thomas Chase – Yale Daily News October 27, 2009

Given my work as an ecologist and environmentalist studying environmental impacts and the built environment, that the school’s gallery was hosting “The Green House: New Directions in Sustainable Architecture” should have warmed my heart. However, on a routine salvage visit to the loading dock behind Paul Rudolph Hall, I was surprised to find the entire exhibit, eight-foot-tall stands, display boards, tables and all, in a dumpster awaiting its one-way trip to the landfill. So much reusable material was being discarded that an extra dumpster, in addition to the one normally present, was on-site to receive it.


Expansion Plans Put Yale Alums at Odds

Expansion Plans Put Yale Alums at OddsArchitectural Record C. J. Hughes – October 26, 2009

“Bob Stern is a talented architect, and I’m sure whatever he does will be wonderful. But does it require a wholesale bulldozing?” says [William] Moore, adding that saving the buildings would mesh with Yale’s stated eco-friendly mission.


Sol LeWitt @ the new Smilow Hospital

"Wall Drawing 692" by Sol LeWitt @ Mass Moca

Sol LeWitt’s “Wall Drawing 692” @ Mass MoCa

Smilow’s interior features modern art – Lauren Motzkin – Yale Daily News – October 22, 2009

In a collaboration between the Smilow Hospital and the Yale University Art Gallery, “Wall Drawing 692” by conceptual artist Sol LeWitt has been installed in the lobby of the hospital, providing patients and visitors with a colorful welcome to the building.


Smilow Cancer Hospital’s design met criticism

Smilow Cancer Hospital’s design met criticism Amir Sharif Yale Daily News October 22, 2009

At the ribbon-cutting ceremony for the Smilow Cancer Hospital Wednesday, nothing about the festive atmosphere and teary-eyed attendants suggested the controversial design process of the building — a process that involved extensive negotiations between hospital administrators, the building’s architects and city officials.


Why Architecture Matters


Rhythm and Flow: The New Yorker Mia Reinoso Genoni – October 21, 2009
By Mia Reinoso Genoni New Haven Advocate

Why Architecture Matters is an extended meditation on the deceptively simple three-word phrase, a meditation that allows for rumination, emotion, observation and even contradiction.

Successful architecture, he tells us, “makes life better,” “take[s] our breath away,” “invites belief,” and “evokes indescribable joy.” Architecture is “the making of place and the making of memory,” and a great building “must have a use, it must stand up — and it must be a work of art.”

Paul Goldberger will speak on Public Architecture at 6 p.m. Oct. 28. New Haven Public Library, Main Branch, 133 Elm St. 203-946-8130 ext. 314, Free. No reservations required.