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World Digital Library now online


The World Digital Library, a free, multilingual collection of primary materials from around the world, of which Yale is a primary contributor, was launched yesterday.

The World Digital Library, which was officially inaugurated Tuesday at the Paris headquarters of UNESCO, the UN Educational, Scientific and Cultural Organization, has started small, with about 1,200 documents and their explanations from scholars in Arabic, Chinese, English, French, Portuguese, Spanish and Russian. But it is designed to accommodate an unlimited number of such texts, charts and illustrations from as many countries and libraries as want to contribute.

World Digital Library putting human history a click away Edward Cody Chicago Tribune 4/22/09

More from the YDN here.


Eli Express for Law Library Materials

stepnout @ Flickr

Via Yale University Library News:

The Law Library is happy to announce that Library readers may now request to have Law Library books delivered to Eli Express libraries.

Requests for delivery should be made through Morris, the Law Library’s online catalog.

Visit the Eli Express web site for more information.


“Interior Design” on Gwathmey’s new art complex

Robert B. Haas Family Arts Library, basement; view of the Great Hall,2008

“How often does an alumnus get the chance to reshape the educational institution that helped form his professional vision? Just ask Charles Gwathmey, who seized this once-in-a-lifetime opportunity by designing a major new arts complex for Yale University, where he collected his Master of Architecture in 1962.”

Gwathmey Siegel Completes Yale Arts Complex Nicholas Tamarin — Interior Design, 10/20/2008

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YUL series on iTunes

Via the Yale University Library ListServ: We are very happy to announce that the Yale University Library now has a dedicated series for our netcasts, or web-based broadcasts, on Yale’s iTunes ( Netcasts are provided in MP3 format for easy use on computers or multimedia devices. This is the first new series to be launched on Yale’s iTunes U since the University partnered with Apple in September 2007. It brings together existing Library content and will provide a home for future netcasts of events and lectures, as well as those highlighting exhibitions, collections, resources, and services across the Library system. We also expect to make video netcasts available on iTunes U in the near future. The Cushing / Whitney Medical Library also has many free video netcasts available through the educational technology section of the iTunes store. You can find these by searching for the Cushing / Whitney Library as artist.

To access Library netcasts within Yale’s iTunes U, simply click on the’ Yale Library’ icon and browse content from Sterling Memorial Library and the Beinecke Rare Book and Manuscript Library. You can also quickly and easily subscribe to new content as it is made available using iTunes’s subscription feature.

Gwathmey’s challenge

The Art & Architecture Addition: What Would You Have Done? Lawrence Biemiller Buildings & Grounds 6/3/08

“But before the harsh words start flying in earnest, ask yourself what you would have done in Charles Gwathmey’s position… Do you imitate your professor’s building, if you can, and subject yourself to criticism for not doing something original? Do you come up with a design that’s completely different and then take the heat for being unsympathetic? Do you ask yourself what your professor would have wanted you to do? He certainly didn’t put up copycat buildings himself—in 1963 he was celebrated for his originality. Would he have failed you for doing something imitative?”

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The Library Café

The Library Café is a weekly program of table talk with scholars, artists, publishers and librarians about books, ideas, and the formation and circulation of knowledge. It is hosted by Thomas Hill, and can be heard on WVKR FM 91.3 Tuesday afternoons between 12:00 Noon and 1:00 p.m. ET (16.00-17.00 GMT) during the academic year.

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If wood and iPods don’t say Yale, what does?

“My friends in-the-know tell me that Bass isn’t beautiful, it’s derivative: too many architectural themes and too few new ideas. I’m always a little suspicious of architecture majors, who claim to love the Art and Architecture building, but, in this case, I see their point. ‘Look, it’s Yale!’ the bookshelves scream. ‘We have wood and iPods and everything!’ I believe those book shelves, even if no one has gotten around to putting books on them yet. If wood and iPods don’t say Yale, what does?”

Modern ‘Yale Man’ measured in cups of Bass coffee Michael Pomeranz Yale Daily News 3/31/08

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