Reviews of “The Master Builder”

A Man of Power and the Women Who Worship Him ANITA GATES New York Times September 25, 2009

Yale’s ‘Master Builder’ Energetic, Bleakly Witty SUSAN HOOD Hartford Courant September 26, 2009

Riz Blog Review: “The Master Builder” at Yale Rep Frank Rizzo 10/2/2009 Hartford Courant

Ibsen, In A Time Capsule Allan Appel | September 25, 2009 New Haven Independent

Actors ‘master’ a weak ‘builder’ Austin Bernhardt Yale Daily News September 25, 2009

‘Builder’ illustrates universal themes Zeynep Pamuk Yale Daily News September 22, 2009

In “The Master Builder” at Yale Rep, a creative genius faces competition from the young By Chesley Plemmons, News Times 10/02/2009

The Masturbator:Ibsen sensualized at the Yale Rep Christopher Arnott New Haven Advocate 9/30/2009



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