Sketches of 20th-century stagecraft

Where All the World’s an Atmospheric Stage KAREN ROSENBERG New York Times 7/5/2009

Donald Oenslager, the great American set designer and a professor at the Yale School of Drama, wrote that “a sketch for a scene is as short-lived as the life of the theater it supports.”

Mr. Oenslager, who died in 1975, was being a bit disingenuous, as he was a major collector of such sketches. In 1982 his widow gave some 1,600 drawings, prints and books on set design to the Morgan Library & Museum. About 50 of these drawings, including two by Mr. Oenslager, are on view there in “Creating the Modern Stage: Designs for Theater and Opera.” They present a concise summary of 20th-century stagecraft, one that appeals equally to Museum of Modern Art mavens and seasoned theatergoers.



One response to “Sketches of 20th-century stagecraft

  1. Donald Oenslager was a set and lighting designer, teacher, lecturer,writer and collector.the collection consist of set and costume designs, technical drawings,elevations,manuscripts and correspondence with other prominent theater designers.

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