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Kahn’s travel sketches exhibit in NYC

Park Avenue Armory

The New York Sun has a great piece on the Louis I. Kahn’s travel sketches on exhibit at the “Works on Paper” fair at the Park Avenue Armory, opening February 29th.

A Mind Full of Roman Greatness Paula Deitz New York Sun 2/26/08

To view these sketches chronologically, then, is to be present during the evolution of one of the master architects of the 20th century, whose buildings have enriched our culture because they represent a continuity with the past, not precisely in form but in spirit.”

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Kahn’s Exeter Library


Architect Mark Moeller discusses Louis I. Kahn’s Phillips Exeter Academy Library, in this first of a series of architectural exposes.

Cityscapes, the story behind the library Jeanne McCartin 2/26/08

“He crafted something that was very particular to what the client wanted and then sold them on it. He created fans, converts to the way he saw architecture. And the academy library was one of his most successful projects. A lot of the ideal he brought to it survived.”

A wealth of info on the building here and download a 3D model from Google here.

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