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NY Times Select now free to students and faculty

“For everyone who’s ever been frustrated by being blocked from premium content on the NY Times Web site, fret no more! NY Times Select is now free to students and faculty (really anyone with a .edu email account!). Go to, input your .edu email address and follow the directions from there. ”

NY Times select now available for students and faculty (from jrjacobs’s blog)

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UbuWeb is a sprawling website devoted to experimental poetry, art, music, and any other creative genre you can think of. Thousands of works, interviews, etc. are inlcuded, from the seminal to the obscure. Hear interviews with Marcel Duchamp and John Cage, watch digitized films by Jonas Mekas, Joseph Beuys, and Maya Deren, and watch videos of Samuel Beckett plays.

From the UbuWeb faq page:

“When did UbuWeb Start?
UbuWeb was founded in November of 1996, initially as a repository for visual, concrete and, later, sound poetry. Over the years, UbuWeb has embraced all forms of the avant-garde and beyond. Its parameters continue to expand in all directions.”

“Can I use something posted on UbuWeb on my site, in a paper, in a project, etc.?
Sure. We post many things without permission; we also post many with things with permission. We therefore give you permission to take what you like even though in many cases, we have no received permission to post it. We went ahead and did it anyway. You should too.”

They also have a manifesto.

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The Agony and the Ecstasy

Author Jonathan Lethem (Motherless Brooklyn) recently published an article in Harper’s on copyright, appropriation, and the creative process. If you make it to the end of this admittedly long article (it’s worth it) you may be surprised by its conclusion. Then again, maybe you won’t. No spoilers!

The Ecstasy of Influence Jonathan Lethem Harper’s, January 31, 2007.

Designs on the mind? Visit MoCo Loco!

MoCo Loco is a web magazine featuring modern contemporary design news and views.” The site covers categories from accessories to wallcoverings, with its network reaching Tokyo and more. Use MoCo Loco as a research tool, or just delight your eyes!

Love all things art?

If you need quick info on your favorite artist check out Artcyclopedia. There are over 8,500 artists listed, and other sources provided such as best selling art books, glossaries, posters, and the list goes on. Free access to full text articles in the Encyclopedia Britannica is also provided at this site. So take a look and find what you need in one convenient place!

new books!

Find a list of the Newest Art and Architecture Library books here!