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Constructed Objects

Symposium at Yale Looks at Everyday Things Through Architectural Prism Yale University Office of Public Affairs

“Constructed Objects: Design by Architects in the 20th Century,” a symposium taking place November 12–13 at Yale School of Architecture, will explore ways in which architecture and design infuse and inform the everyday objects we use.


Smilow Cancer Hospital’s design met criticism

Smilow Cancer Hospital’s design met criticism Amir Sharif Yale Daily News October 22, 2009

At the ribbon-cutting ceremony for the Smilow Cancer Hospital Wednesday, nothing about the festive atmosphere and teary-eyed attendants suggested the controversial design process of the building — a process that involved extensive negotiations between hospital administrators, the building’s architects and city officials.


Jonas Sampson’s light-emitting wallpaper

Light-emitting wallpaper set to wow Audley Jarvis TechRadar 4/14/08

An enterprising young designer from the Netherlands has invented what has to be the ultimate in home illumination – light emitting wallpaper.

“The back layer is a silver-based solution that conducts electricity, while the layer above this contains phosphorous pigments that light up. On top of this is a flexible, transparent ITO conductor layer, with regular wallpaper placed on top to act as the final, outwardly visual layer,” he explained.

The result, when it’s switched on, is a visually stunning wall-of-light that can be turned off and on, just like a regular light.

Visit the artists website here.

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Gehry’s new home and two cool sites on Industrial Design

Photo found at Core 77

I did a Google News search on Frank Gehry today, and found this photo of his mansion via two cool design sites:  Core 77: Industrial Design Supersite and Inhabitat: future-forward design for the world you inhabit. Both sites are well-worth checking out.

As re: the mansion, Inhabitat says:

“It is not often that an architecture master reinvents himself, but that is precisely what Pritzker Prize winning architect Frank Gehry has done. Gehry, who first won international recognition with his own residence, a masterpiece of post-modern architecture, has revealed what can only be described as the first post post-modern architectural work, the New Gehry Residence, completely confounding both his critics and promoters alike.”

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Sustainable Building Challenge 2007-2008

Via the U.S. Green Building Council (USGBC): “iiSBE [International Initiative for Sustainable Built Environment] invites all those with experience in designing, building or operating high performance buildings to take part in the Sustainable Building Challenge 2007-2008.

The SBC08 process will result in the selection of a broad range of high-performance buildings from around the world to be assessed by the proponents and then presented and discussed at the World Sustainable Building Conference in Melbourne, Australia in September, 2008. The process is open to any broad-scope assessment system, including LEED.”

Check out the official press release here. And read more about LEED (Leadership in Energy and Environmental Design) here. Call for Expressions of Interest closes on 29 June, 2007.