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In a Mermaid Statue, Danes Find Something Rotten in State of Michigan

Agence France-Presse/Getty Images

This town’s statue of Hans Christian Andersen’s “Little Mermaid” is a symbol of its proud Danish heritage. Now some are saying she doesn’t have permission to be in the country.

In a Mermaid Statue, Danes Find Something Rotten in State of Michigan Timothy Aeppel WSJ 7/27/09 


Willard Wigan’s micro-sculptures

The Artist Who Inhaled His Sculpture William Weir – June 23, 2009 – “It’s Alive”

Willard Wigan’s micro-sculptures…[are] carved out of grains of sand, sugar and rice that he makes under a microscope and paints with a hair from a house fly.


MFA Sculpture Open Studios, May 17th


Where the Ocean Meets the Catskills

Librado Romero/The New York Times

Maya Lin, famous for designing the Vietnam Veterans Memorial while still a graduate student at the Yale School of Architecture, as well as the Women’s Table, in front of Sterling Memorial Library, has designed a new permanent installation for the Storm King Art Center in Mountainville, New York.

Ms. Lin’s ambitious piece, “Storm King Wavefield,” was commissioned by the center, and installation of it, under the supervision of David R. Collens, an artist and Storm King’s director, began two years ago. Set in a shallow, amphitheaterlike depression, once a gravel pit supplying material for the Thruway, it covers 11 acres. Its seven parallel rows of rolling, swelling peaks were inspired by the forms of midocean waves but echo the mountains and hills around them.

Where the Ocean Meets the Catskills Holland Cotter New York Times 5/7/09


Permanent links for ’09 MFA Sculpture Shows

Permanent links for the 2009 MFA Sculpture Thesis shows:

2009 Sculpture Thesis Exhibition 1
Meredith James, Jo Nigoghossian, Lourdes Correa-Carlo, Jacques Louid Vidal, Ryan Wolfe

2009 Sculpture Thesis Exhibition 2 Eoin Burke, Ian Campbell, Boris Chesakov, Sarah Lassise, Laura Marsh

The first of the MFA Painting Exhibitions is also up. We’ll post the permanent link to that too once it’s archived.


2009 MFA Sculpture Thesis Exhibition Photos

See photos of the 2009 MFA Sculpture Thesis Exhibition!!!!!!!


Tonight @ School of Art

Fall 2008 Undergraduate Comprehensive Art Exhibition Opening Reception.

6:00 pm

School of Art, 1156 Chapel Street, Green Hall Gallery.
The work in this Exhibition represents a cross section of undergraduate
work produced in our classes, i.e., Drawing, Photography, Sculpture, Painting, Printmaking and Graphic Design during the Fall 2008 semester.
Show runs from Monday, December 8 through Friday, January 16.

Yale School of Art