NY Times reviews of “Eclipsed”

Prisoners of War and Sex in Liberia
CHARLES ISHERWOOD – November 3, 2009 – New York Times

Like this year’s Pulitzer Prize-winning “Ruined” by Lynn Nottage, which is set in Congo, “Eclipsed” depicts the harsh realities of women’s lives in a strife-torn African country with both a clear eye and a palpable empathy. Although it is a less skillfully structured drama — partly because the women here are even more powerless than the Mother Courage-like dominant figure in Ms. Nottage’s play — “Eclipsed” presents a complementary, no-less-harrowing portrait of women fighting to retain their dignity and a sense of self-worth under extreme duress.

In War-Torn Liberia, Women Making Do ANITA GATES New York Times October 31, 2009

IF you walked into a room full of sex slaves, you might not expect to find role models. Unless you’ve already seen Danai Gurira’s new drama, “Eclipsed.”


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