New Haven Through The Architect’s Eye

2 articles on: “Through the Architect’s Eye — New Haven & the World”
On view in the atrium of New Haven’s City Hall until Oct. 23.

Latino architects show off shutter skills New Haven Register October 17, 2009 – Pamela McLoughlin

NEW HAVEN — The first floor of City Hall has never been as architecturally sound as it is right now.

Photographic works of 40 architects from some 20 Latin American countries who have visited, worked or are working in the city are on display until Friday as part of Arte Inc.’s citywide celebration of Hispanic heritage. October is Hispanic Heritage month.

Exhibit Shows View From Architects’ Eyes Allan Appel | October 9, 2009 New Haven Independent

If photography is the art of light, what happens when architects, who trade in solid masses, pick up the camera?

The result: a vision of the world and the city filled with design and drama.



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