Join Paul Rudolph’s Facebook Page

Paul Rudolph has a Facebook page.

Doesn’t seem to be updated very often, but it’s kinda’ fun that it exists.

There’s also a Facebook page for The Brutalism Appreciation Society. Here’s the description:

As they start to disappear from our cities, a chance to voice support (no matter in how few numbers) for a much maligned style of architecture

‘With many Brutalist buildings, the feeling exists that the needs of expressing an architectural ideal comes before the needs of the human beings who have to use them’

Love Paul Rudolph? Love Brutalism? Join!



One response to “Join Paul Rudolph’s Facebook Page

  1. Actually, there are 2 Paul Rudolph pages on facebook. The other one is here: (Paul Marvin Rudolph) and has close to 350 people on it. The Paul Rudolph Foundation is involved with this page as a way to publicize Rudolph’s work and promote its preservation and the page is updated on a regular basis.


    Kelvin Dickinson
    The Paul Rudolph Foundation

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