Learning from Las Vegas, again

See slideshow of book @ Stylepark

An early chapter in Vegas architecture: New offering revisits 1968 Yale study of city’s iconic structures Las Vegas Sun Mar 26, 2009 – Kristen Peterson

A stylish new art book revisits a 40-year-old study of the commercial iconography of Las Vegas that changed the way people talked about architecture.

In 1968 architects Denise Scott Brown and Robert Venturi brought 13 students from the Yale School of Art and Architecture to Las Vegas to research a new urban form taking place across America….



2 responses to “Learning from Las Vegas, again

  1. Hey it’d be great if you just posted this image on your site rather than hotlinking. It’s great that you gave me credit but I certainly don’t own that image, so the linkback is sorta spurious. I suppose netiquette on this sort of thing may vary, so…

  2. Guess I wasn’t being clear: please do not hotlink to images on my site, especially if it’s not an image I own but one I found for my own posting. Find the image somewhere on the web – my site or elsewhere – and host it on your own blog, please, so I don’t get bandwidth for providing your images. That’s what I was hoping you’d do the first time. Thanks!!!

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