Viewing Journalism as a Work of Art

Photo from MassLive

Viewing Journalism as a Work of Art NOAM COHEN New York Times March 23, 2009

Copyright lawyers have been arguing over Shepard Fairey’s appropriation of a news photograph of Barack Obama for his “Hope” campaign poster and whether it constitutes “fair use.” But no one has disputed that it is a work of art.

But what about the photograph on which the poster is based? Taken by Mannie Garcia while on assignment for The Associated Press in 2006, the picture is now on sale at a Chelsea gallery in a limited edition of 200. The prints are going for $1,200 apiece, and at least one has been purchased by a fine-arts museum.

Photo from from “Truthdig Apr 28, 2006



One response to “Viewing Journalism as a Work of Art

  1. Artifactum / Jennifer Unruh

    Fairey has made some interesting points on fair use, but unfortunately Noam Cohen has taken up an archaic and discredited perspective that photography is not art. It essentially attacks the photograph as being not copyrightable because of lack of “originality.” This is a misguided perspective at best and I was surprised to see that the Times actually published it.

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