Stolen Yale paintings found

Painting by David Gelernter. Found in the Yale Bulletin, January 26, 2001 – Volume 29, Number 16

Stolen Artwork Recovered In New Haven
By DAVID OWENS | The Hartford Courant
March 24, 2009

Two of the three paintings stolen from the Slifka Center were by David Gelernter, a Yale computer science professor who was seriously wounded by the Unabomber. The third was by Gelernter’s son Daniel. Together, police said Monday, the paintings are valued at $40,000.

The man also allegedly took prints from the New Haven Public Library on March 5, including one called “Elm City” by Tony Falcone. Those pieces were valued at $6,000, police said.

Of Computers and The Canvas Yale Alumni Magazine April 2001

David Gelernter has no intention of giving up his day job, but a recent exhibition at the Slifka Center for Jewish Life of 21 recent paintings demonstrated that the computer science professor could probably make a living as an artist.



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