“Our purpose is to bring the world here.”

Ram Rahman, photograph: “Mehndi Party, Devigarh, 2004,” found @ the Yale University Office of Public Affairs website

International art finds new home at Yale Danika Fears Yale Daily News February 25, 2009

“Although Yale’s art galleries are largely comprised of Western works, School of Art Dean Robert Storr is pushing to bring international diversity to the University’s collection.

“Storr, who curated the 2007 Venice Biennale, which exhibits contemporary art, proposed that the new School of Art gallery, the building adjacent to the recently renovated Sculpture Building on Edgewood Avenue, solely feature contemporary international works. After discovering that many of his students felt their cultures were underrepresented in campus art, Storr said the gallery offers students both a shift away from the Western world and a chance to play a curatorial role in all the exhibits.”

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