Why University Museums Matter

Yale University Art Gallery

“If it helps, consider your museum and its collection in purely materialistic terms, as a big chunk of capital, slowly and fortuitously accumulated. Once spent, it is irrecoverable. Your university can never be that rich in that way again. Or view the art in your care as something that doesn’t belong to you. Like any legacy it belongs to the future.”

Such thoughts came to mind on a recent visit to campus museums and galleries at Yale University that have exceptional shows this winter. One, devoted to Picasso and writing, is drawn almost entirely from the university’s permanent collections. Another, on the role of tea in Japanese culture, is composed primarily of objects on loan from a single Yale alumnus. A third, imported from another university museum, brings together Degas, geology and gorillas to celebrate Charles Darwin’s 200th birthday. And they are supplemented by a tidy roundup of contemporary Indian artists.”

Why University Museums Matter Holland Cotter NYT 2/19/09

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3 responses to “Why University Museums Matter

  1. I miss New Haven and Yale’s museums so much. Its been 24 years. I rarely get to visit, only for weddings and funerals. Hopefully someday, I’ll get to spend some time there. I check your blog daily. I’m glad you are posting again. =Paul

  2. Iam may be the only one in my age who acctuly worys about college iam 10,and iam planniny to get good high school and atend yale,it look very nice and i belive it well give waa i need to be a plotion or a farmaseste!

  3. ha ha ha ha ha ha ah ha ha ha ha ha ha haa ha haa ha aha haha haha hhaahahahahahahahah

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