“Birdsong: The Cinema of Albert Serra”

Saturday, February 21, 2009, Whitney Humanities Center
“Birdsong:  The Cinema of Albert Serra”
7:00 PM Birdsong (2008, 98 minutes)
9:30 PM Quixotic (Honor de Cavalleria, 2006, 95 minutes)
Both films will be followed by Q&As with director Albert Serra
One of the most talented filmmakers of his generation, the Catalan director Albert Serra has developed a wholly original treatment of space and rhythm that opens up new aesthetic possibilities for twenty-first century cinema.  His two extremely ambitious features, the Don Quixote adaptation Quixotic (Honor de Cavalleria, 2006) and the radical nativity narrative Birdsong (2008) have cemented his reputation as a major filmmaker who, in the tradition of figures like Pasolini and Tarkovsky, has helped to revitalize the European art film.  This visit will provide students and faculty at Yale with a rare opportunity to see both of Serra’s films and to talk with him about his work.  Please email richard.suchenski@yale.edu with any questions.


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