My Hand Outstretched

My Hand Outstretched: Films by Robert Beavers

An American expatriate who left the US in 1967, Robert Beavers has spent most of the past forty years making films throughout Europe, mainly in Greece, Switzerland, Italy, and Germany. One of the most talented and original filmmakers of his generation, Beavers has independently produced a remarkable body of work that is both sensuous and rigorous, with a unique and deeply personal treatment of light, space, and color. His meticulously crafted films explore the continuing legacy of the European cultural tradition in art, literature, and music, and he has been the subject of major career retrospectives at the Tate Modern and the Whitney Museum. This three-day visit will provide students and faculty at Yale with a rare opportunity to see a wide range of Beavers’ films and to engage in an interdisciplinary dialogue with him about his work.

Co-sponsored by the Yale Avant-Garde Film Colloquium, the Yale University Art Gallery, and the Council on European Studies.Schedule of Events:

Thursday, January 29th:

– 7:00-9:00 PM First evening film screening in the Whitney Humanities Center with post-screening discussion. Films will include Early Monthly Segments (1968-70/2002), The Stoas (1991-97), and The Ground (1993/2001).

Friday, January 30th:

– 4:00 PM Master’s Tea at Saybrook College

– 7:00 PM Second evening film screening in the Whitney Humanities Center Auditorium with discussion. Films will include Ruskin (1975/1997) and Pitcher of Colored Light (2007).

Tuesday, February 3rd:

– Presentation by Richard Suchenski on Robert Beavers’ work at the Yale University Art Gallery beginning with a screening of Amor (1980).


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