So you want to be an artist’s model

“So you want to be an artist’s model.

“….What you don’t need is a body that looks as though it were sculpted by Michelangelo.

“‘People believe all art models are young and absolutely perfect, which certainly is not true,’ said Chicagoan Meg Guttman, 53, a former actress and dancer who began modeling while at Yale University and has been doing it regularly since she moved here 22 years ago.”

It takes patience, not perfection, to be an artist’s model William Hageman Chicago Tribune December 3, 2008

Posted by: Tanya


2 responses to “So you want to be an artist’s model

  1. yeah artist model is really freakin cool.

  2. My wife became an artist model when she was about 27 . A female friend of her talked her into figure modeling for some extra cash after our first child was born and she was a stay at home mom.
    Her friend was the wife of a minister in our area and the mother of 2 children
    Once my wife got over the embarrassment of being naked in front of strangers she started to enjoy it
    She is still a figure model today at the age of 60

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