Love It? Hate It? Or Both?

“Gwathmey cleverly shifted elevators, mechanical systems, a reception area, and some faculty offices out of the A&A and into the new building, where they serve both structures. He thus freed the A&A to be what I suspect Rudolph always wanted it to be — a dazzling piece of architectural sculpture, unfettered by niggling everyday concerns.”

Love It? Hate It? Or Both? An architecture critic revisits the building he despised as a student, and has a revelation.
November/December 2008 Yale Alumni Magazine by Blair Kamin ’84MEnvD

At the end of the article are letters from alumni…one especially worth reading is by Peter H. Tveskov ’56E, who was building manager of the A & A at the time of its infamous fire. He writes:

“The building was known for being rather messy under the best of circumstances, and the students tended to work around the clock, so we were very worried about casualties. Fortunately there were none, but we did have an anxious moment when we came across a very realistic life-size vinyl torso in one artist’s studio, nearly hidden by a mountain of crumpled paper. On a scorched drafting table, we found a melted glass bottle, its paper label intact: a unique unintended sculpture.”

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