New @ Arts Library, Lichtenstein: Girls


With their golden tresses and enormous eyes, the women who appear in Roy Lichtenstein’s canvases are unmistakable. Following an exhibition of his famous “Girl” paintings at New York’s Gagosian Gallery earlier this year, Yale University Press has published a lavish homage to the great Pop artist’s anonymous women, featuring 22 colour plates, as well as exceptional documentary photographs and pencil sketches.

Less celebrated, but also appearing in the book, is Lichtenstein’s distinctive series of ceramic heads. He began experimenting with sculpture around 1964, demonstrating a knack for the form that was at odds with the insistent flatness of his paintings. It was an unsurprising move for someone who venerated Picasso, an artist who famously worked in ceramics, producing wittily decorated plates, pitchers, and masks.

Roy Lichtenstein: a new dimension in art Telegraph 11/17/08

Call Number: Folio NJ18 L632 A12 2008 (LC)

Read about a recent series of panel discussions on the Yale University Press here.


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