Paul Rudolph: Architectural Cowboy

“’Rudolph’s buildings have flaws, but they show that people can work together to improve their environment,’ said the show’s curator, Timothy Rohan ’91, an associate art history professor at the University of Massachusetts, Amherst. ‘He demonstrates how with great ambition we don’t have to settle for less and that there is still a future for great architecture in the city.’

“Though Rudolph is classified as a modernist architect, his rebellion against the status quo of architecture at the time makes him a sort of architectural cowboy. The exhibit reveals his concern for existing structures within New Haven and Yale, and his respect for both the past and future.”

Exhibit honors Rudolph Yale Daily News – November 11, 2008 – Danika Fears

Posted by: Tanya


One response to “Paul Rudolph: Architectural Cowboy

  1. Despite recent efforts to resurrect Paul Rudolph’s reputation, I have too high a regard for first-rate modernist architecture to take his derivative, clunky efforts seriously. In fact, I open a bottle of Veuvre Clicquot 1996 every time one is razed. Cheers!

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