“ArtParlor is not a new café on Chapel Street, nor is it one of the paint-on-pottery places that we loved to visit as children. ArtParlor, or rather, is a new Web site that is working to create a community for artists and art enthusiasts both online and on campus.

“The Web site, which will be completed some time next week, will include everything you might need if you happen to be an aspiring art student or art lover. A list of weekly arts-related events, a forum for discussion, and links to Yale University museums and libraries and every major museum and gallery within a train ride of New Haven are available on the brightly colored and thoughtfully composed site (the designer of the page is, after all, an art major).”

Posted by: Tanya

Art in the parlor Yale Daily News Lauren Motzkin – November 7, 2008


One response to “ArtParlor

  1. This is so awesome! I have already checked out the website. Can’t wait to be on campus next year and get involved with the art scene.

    And check out the blog for The Walters Art Museums Teen Arts Council in B-more!!

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