The interred history of Grove Street Cemetery


The ghosts of the Grove Street Cemetery will soon have several new buildings to haunt. On June 7, President Richard Levin, GRD ’74, announced that the University will move forward with the construction of two residential colleges in the space behind the Cemetery on the corner of Trumbull and Prospect.

Robert A.M. Stern, the architect of the new colleges and Dean of the Architecture School, spoke about the space in a Master’s Tea in Saybrook College on Wed., Oct. 29. “The space is basically a triangle, with the cemetery as the hypotenuse,” he said. “Most people think, ‘oh, the cemetery is weird,’ but they’re very quiet neighbors, and the graveyard provides genuinely beautiful scenery.”

Plattus, for one, has suggested that the Cemetery “replace some of the solid wall with metal fencing like that on Grove St.” Doing so, he explains, “would give some visibility to the nice landscaping. Also, walking through the Cemetery would feel safer, because people like to be able to see out to the street.”

The interred history of Grove Street Cemetery Joe Satran & Emily Barasch The Yale Herald 11/3/08


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