Renovations to bridge gallery gap

Egerton Swartwout graduated from Yale College in 1891, and by 1925 he was a renowned architect presenting plans for a Gallery of Fine Arts at his alma mater.

Swartwout’s design called for an Italian Gothic building that would stretch along Chapel Street from High Street to York Street. This block-long building was never realized because of limited funding, though, and it was Louis Kahn’s Modernist addition of 1953 that extended the Yale University Art Gallery to York Street.

Now, 80 years later, the Art Gallery is set to cross High Street for the first time, bringing the bridge and Street Hall into its fold. Beginning in December, these two buildings, as well as Swartwout’s Old Art Gallery, will undergo a two-year renovation that will add exhibition and program space for the Art Gallery.

Renovations to bridge gallery gap Paul Needham YDN 10/27/08

More from the YDN on the renovation here.

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