Making Do III

“For much of the past two decades artists have luxuriated in an abundance of resources new and old, and in mixing and quite often deliberately mismatching them in exemplary ways.  An alternative also exists. Neither a return to the purist traditional concept of “truth to materials” nor to the purist modernist one of “less is more” such an approach tends towards pragmatic invention with whatever may be at hand, and responds imaginatively to the relative quantity or scarcity of it.  It can be an art of “muchness” or an “ultra povera” art of extreme spareness, it can be lasting or totally ephemeral.  In essence, though, it consists of anything the artist chooses to do while making do with with a given material of their choice. Those anyway are the loosely conceived rules of the game we have asked five artists to play at the Green Hall Gallery where they will come to work in situ for a week. ”  -Robert Storr, Dean Yale School of Art

More: ‘Making Do’ showcases process, not product Amanda Vandenberg Yale Daily News 10/21/08

Posted by Chris


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