Yale Architecture Students in the NY Times

“TYLER VELTEN, a second-year architecture student at Yale who lives with his wife, Elizabeth, 26, in a small apartment in New Haven, came up with his inventive ideas about lighting out of necessity: Playing around with lights, he explains, is a much easier way of changing the look of a place than painting the walls, and far cheaper than furniture.”

SHOPPING WITH : DAVID SERRANO | Lighting Changes Everything New York Times JOYCE WADLER October 1, 2008

“LAUREN CHAPMAN, 24, is a first-year graduate student at the Yale University school of architecture. Graduate school does not allow time for holding a job, she says, but her taste for expensive things seems to increase daily.

“Her design solutions, though, are inexpensive and witty.”

SHOPPING WITH : DAVID SERRANO | A Glue Gun and a Dream JOYCE WADLER New York Times 10.1.08

“Tyler Velten, a student at the Yale School of Architecture, transformed his $35 Billy bookcases from Ikea into artful cabinets with the addition of plywood doors he made and a few $3 hinges.”

Thinking Like a Student JOYCE WADLER October 1, 2008 New York Times

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