Rudolph Hall reviewed in New Haven Register

Robert A. M. Stern, dean of the architecture school and another student of Rudolph’s, said 45 years ago the only electric needs of the students probably were a pencil sharpener and a radio

Today, everything is computerized and architectural models are digitally fabricated with help of a seven-arm robot in the subbasement, the kind of equipment used by designers at Boeing, said Stern, who participated in a tour of the facilities Friday.

He pointed out that the concrete and aggregate, which covers the facade and many interior surfaces, was recreated where necessary to allow for installation of the new wiring.

Poured into molds, workers then chipped away at the material with hammers as they did almost a half century ago, to achieve the same rough surface, Stern said.

Yale’s building looks to past and future New Haven Register 9/27/08

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