Yale Herald Reviews New A&A Building


A lengthy restoration over the past year, however, has revived Rudolph’s original vision for the building. Perhaps with it will surface a newfound respect for Rudolph’s brilliance, and perhaps even a bit of atonement for its flaws.

The building’s re-dedication will be on Nov. 9, exactly 45 years and a day after the original building debuted. So far, reception to the restoration has been positive. Appreciation for the building has grown with time, and some of the problems that plagued the original have been resolved.

Large floor-to-ceiling windows and skylights bring plenty of sunlight into the space during the day. At night, the building’s lights glimmer from within like a giant lantern. New glass technology as well as full air conditioning has restored Rudolph’s original window proportions while providing a liveable, workable space. The return of the original orange carpet provides a contrast to the stark concrete and casts a soft orange glow and distinct warmth throughout the bare interior.

A&A Redux: redeeming a tarnished reputation William Wong Yale Herald 9/14/08

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