A & A more sympathetic to surroundings than once thought

Yale Revelation: Renewal for a Building and Its Original Designer NICOLAI OUROUSSOFF New York Times August 27, 2008

“To postmodernists [Paul Rudolph’s Art and Architecture Building] represented the indifference to history and context that they saw as the Modernist movement’s greatest sin.

“These arguments were reinforced by the heartless renovations after the fire. Windows and skylights were boarded over; additional levels were stuffed between existing floors; large open studios were cut up into a warren of cramped, airless work spaces. The effect was suffocating, and it reflected an attitude of disrespect toward Rudolph that persisted until his death in 1997.

“In reopening these spaces Mr. Gwathmey shows us that the building was more sympathetic to its surroundings than once thought.”

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