The Building That Won’t Go Away

In an age when much of what we build seems frighteningly insubstantial, there’s something satisfying about a building that will undoubtedly make a good ruin: a latter-day Stonehenge or Colosseum. Yale’s Art & Architecture Building, which looms over the corner of Chapel and York Streets, is just such a building.

The Building That Won’t Go Away Mark Alden Branch Yale Alumni Magazine February 1998

Posted by Chris


2 responses to “The Building That Won’t Go Away

  1. Condemned to study in Paul Rudolph’s A & A Building for 4 years, I still hate the place with a vengeance. Fresh lipstick on that pig will not improve its dismal layout, lighting or smells. Since Yale missed the opportunity to replace it, the structure should stand as a precautionary example to future architects. Sir Nicholas Pevsner’s words at the A & A’s dedication, warning against the threat of form for its own sake, and reminding that the purpose of a building is to function, should adorn its entrance.

  2. I worked in that building for two years and they were the best two years of my life.

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