“A giant inflatable dog turd by American artist Paul McCarthy blew away from an exhibition in the garden of a Swiss museum, bringing down a power line and breaking a greenhouse window before it landed again….”

Flying piece of art causes museum chaos in Switzerland August 11, 2008 AFP, Yahoo News
Update (7/9/2009) For those drawn here by rickh’s link on Dave Barry’s blog (Thanks for stopping by!) here’s a more about the story (esp. as the yahoo link above seems to be no-more):

Complex Shit Wreaks Havoc in Switzerland Dog Art Today 8/11/2008

According to some reports, the runaway inflatable sculpture also broke the window of a children’s home.

More: Giant dog turd wreaks havoc at Swiss museum Guardian 8/12/08
Posted by: Tanya


3 responses to “Whee

  1. it looks like poop…

  2. Totally funny ! I would have loved to be there in person to see it for real. Very clever idea for such a simple prop.

  3. Why did somebody make this? I think it’s awesome, but still, how would anybody get the money to make something like that?

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