Yet another modernist masterwork in peril


“The debate over whether to preserve or demolish Warren Platner’s 1973 Kent Memorial Library in Suffield is both a frightening and healthy sign of current efforts to preserve modern architectural landmarks. Frightening because a distinguished building could be lost. That there is some debate, however, is encouraging.

For far too long, cities and towns across America have routinely demolished their postwar modern buildings. Deemed unsightly or outdated, they have been bulldozed only to be replaced by new structures that basically serve the same purpose —without giving the original buildings a second chance, or a second thought.”

Modernism at Risk Henry Tzu Ng Hartford Courant 3/23/08

More on the decline of modernist architecture at this old post.

Also, read about the World Monuments Fund’s Modernism at Risk program.

Plus, visit

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One response to “Yet another modernist masterwork in peril

  1. No disrespect intended, but there is nothing especially striking about this building, frankly it looks unfinished. The Kent family has been very generous to the town of Suffield, but their vision was a bit ambitious for a New England farming town. I will be the first volunteer to tear it down.

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