Architecture Landmarks in Iowa Flooded

“One of the hardest hit areas is downtown, where many of the city’s cultural institutions are located. On Friday the 13th, the The National Czech & Slovak Museum & Library was submerged in fifteen feet of water. When the museum staff was allowed inside the building on Tuesday, Gail Naughton, the museum’s president, described the destruction to the main building as ‘massive.’

Many of the Frank Lloyd Wright buildings in Iowa escaped damage, according to blog posts on . One exception was the Alvin Miller House, a riverfront home in Charles City about 75 miles northwest of Cedar Rapids, where floodwaters possibly reached as high as the roof.”

Architecture Landmarks in Iowa Flooded Aline Chahine Architecture Lab 6/24/08

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One response to “Architecture Landmarks in Iowa Flooded

  1. Thanks for this eye-opening (and heartbreaking) post. I’ve been insulated from these tragedies even though I’ve visited many of the places pictured and they are only a state away from my native “lands.” I’ve walked across the bridge in the picture above.

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