Behind the Seen: The Photographs of Abelardo Morell

Abelardo Morell, The Metropolitan Opera: Romeo and Juliet Set, 2005.

“Best known for his extraordinary images of interiors created with the ancient technology of the camera obscura, contemporary artist Abelardo Morell has been actively exploring the photographic medium for the past thirty years. Behind the Seen: The Photographs of Abelardo Morell provides an in-depth look at the role that artworks and monuments play in the artist’s major photographic series. Approximately forty images are on display, featuring Morell’s work in black and white alongside his newest color photographs, and including twenty of the camera obscura images. The exhibition also features a special camera obscura room, which invites visitors to enter the space of one of the artist’s pictures. Morell is the current Happy and Bob Doran Artist in Residence at the Yale University Art Gallery and is creating new work based on the Gallery’s collections. Several recent photographs made at the museum are on view for the first time.”

Exhibition of Photographs by Abelardo Morell Surveys Artist’s Career Art Daily 6/24/08

Posted by: Tanya


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