Would you catch this woman?

Lilly McElroy is a performance artist who literally throws herself at men. She enters bars and asks random men whether she can jump on them. If they say yes she does so and has a friend take a picture. Check out the photo collection on her website entitled “I Throw Myself At Men.”

From the Chicago Reader: She Throws Herself at Men: Lilly McElroy rethinks the desperate woman. By Kelly McClure, March 20, 2008

“She’s thrown herself at about 30 guys now, and sometimes she’ll do two or three in a night. ‘There’s no way to stereotype who will say yes,’ she says. ‘I’ve thrown myself at guys who look like they’ve gotta be at least 21 because they’re at a bar, to guys that are in their 50s and 60s.’… The man’s role is simple. ‘I tell them to make sure not to bend their knees,’ McElroy says. ‘They have the option to catch me or not to catch me. I would say 80 percent catch me, and the rest just like to stand there and let me bounce off them.’ The scene is replayed several times for the camera. Only once has there been a mishap: ‘I fell and wrenched my neck and couldn’t move it for days.’”

Posted by: Tanya


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