Greening of the library

Via SCSU: Join us Wednesday, May 14, 2008 , 1:00 p.m, to discuss and share ideas about green libraries and campuses.


Mary Carr, Dean Instructional Services, Spokane Community College

Dr. Debra Rowe, President of the US Partnership for a Sustainable Future

From a library/librarians’ perspective, how are our library resources when it comes to sustainability? Are we supporting the college’s curricular efforts? What about the “greening” of the library and the campus? Can we practice sustainability? Can we promote it by speakers, presentations, etc.? What can we do within our library associations, and other professional groups?

Suggested background readings:

-Inside Higher Ed blog “getting to green”

-Do Colleges Need Green Czars?” Inside HigherEd. April 15, 2008.

-Greening your library blog

NOTE: All ACRL OnPoint chats are free and open to the public. Sessions are unmoderated, 30 to 45 minutes long, and take place in a Meebo chat room. While no registration is necessary to participate, ACRL recommends creating a quick and easy Meebo account for the best experience while participating in ACRL OnPoint discussions. Full details are available on the ACRL Web site at

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