The latest artist to try–and fail–to start a conversation

“A German artist wants to install a terminally ill patient in a gallery as an exhibit. In Nicaragua last year, an artist displayed a starving dog, tethered just out of reach of food, as conceptual art. In New Haven, Conn., an artist claims to have made multiple attempts to impregnate herself and then induce miscarriages as a work of art. All these artists say their projects are intended to start conversations. But apart from all the shouting about indecency and insensitivity, are any ideas actually being exchanged?”

Art Aimed to Shock: Yale’s abortion artist is the latest to try—and fail—to start a conversation. Newsweek Jennie Yabroff 5/5/08


“Shvarts submits alternate project:
While new exhibit prevents senior from failing, veracity of original project remains uncertain” Yale Daily News May 1, 2008 Thomas Kaplan

Posted by: Tanya


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