Yale undergrad art? + no human blood in Shvarts studio

Art and (Wo)man at Yale By MICHAEL J. LEWIS April 24, 2008 Wall Street Journal

“Ms. Shvarts may have, as she asserts, intended her project to raise questions about society and the body. But she inadvertently raises an entirely different set of questions: How exactly is Yale teaching its undergraduates to make art? Is her project a bizarre aberration or is it within the range of typical student work, unusually startling perhaps but otherwise a fully characteristic example of the program and its students?”

Official: No human blood in studio: Scientific test potentially inconclusive because full project may not have been examined Yale Daily News Thomas Kaplan 4/24/08

“As Aliza Shvarts ’08 remains silent about her controversial senior art project, a Yale official said that a scientific test found no traces of human blood in the Davenport College senior’s art studio, although there was no way to determine whether the project in its entirety had been examined.”

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