Shvarts claims hoax is not a hoax

Shvarts, Yale clash over project: Administration issues statement calling senior’s ‘abortion-as-art’ a ‘fiction’; student sticks to her story
Yale Daily News Zachary Abrahamson, Thomas Kaplan and Martine Powers, April 18, 2008

“…in an interview later Thursday afternoon, Shvarts defended her work and called the University’s statement ‘ultimately inaccurate.’ She reiterated that she engaged in the nine-month process she publicized on Wednesday in a press release that was first reported in the News: repeatedly using a needleless syringe to insert semen into herself, then taking abortifacient herbs at the end of her menstrual cycle to induce bleeding. Thursday evening, in a tour of her art studio, she shared with the News video footage she claimed depicted her attempts at self-induced miscarriages….

“’I’m not going to absolve them by saying it was some sort of hoax when it wasn’t,’ she said. ‘I started out with the University on board with what I was doing, and because of the media frenzy they’ve been trying to dissociate with me. Ultimately I want to get back to a point where they renew their support because ultimately this was something they supported.’”

Shvarts explains her ‘repeated self-induced miscarriages’ Aliza Shvarts April 18, 2008 Yale Daily News

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