Yale Art Student Impregnates Herself, Has Multiple Abortions

“Art major Aliza Shvarts ’08 wants to make a statement.

“Beginning next Tuesday, Shvarts will be displaying her senior art project, a documentation of a nine-month process during which she artificially inseminated herself ‘as often as possible’ while periodically taking abortifacient drugs to induce miscarriages. Her exhibition will feature video recordings of these forced miscarriages as well as preserved collections of the blood from the process.”

For senior, abortion a medium for art, political discourse Martine Powers Yale Daily News April 17, 2008

This news story is being picked up rapidly by blogs and newspapers…I’m hoping it’s a hoax, but if not it will probably be all over the national news by tomorrow. Here’s one reaction from LifeNews:

Yale Student Engages in Shocking Self-Induced Abortion Art Display by Steven Ertelt LifeNews.com April 17, 2008

…and it just showed up at FoxNews: Yale Art Student Claims to Use Blood Samples, Video of Self-Induced Abortions for Senior Project Catherine Donaldson-Evans Fox News April 17, 2008

“[National Right to Life Committee President Wanda] Franz likened Shvarts’ process of artificial insemination and induced miscarriages to human experimentation that took place during the Holocaust. She said the Yale senior’s work highlights a stark truth about American society’s approach to abortion.

“‘She really has hit on a reality that what she has done is legal,’ said Franz. ‘Anything she chooses to do here can’t be stopped in terms of legality. And there are people fighting for her right to do this.'”
Here’s more…(Interesting to watch as more and more news sites pick this up….)

Yale Student’s ‘Abortion Art’ Claim a Scam Warner Todd Huston April 17, 2008 News Busters

A photo of Shvarts is up at Dlisted.
And another: Student’s Art Project Documenting Abortions Sparks Outcry Susan Kinzie Washington Post April 17, 2008

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