Debating the value of LEED certification

Calgary Leveen/Photographer

How important are LEED rankings? The Malone Center (pictured above) received a gold certification even though many of it’s lights are left on at night.

An apparent discrepancy between environmental efficiency and the popular environmental rating system’s allocation of points has generated lively debate among architects and sustainability experts around the country, and now Yale officials say they are evaluating the value of seeking LEED certification on University building projects.

For Yale, there are no clear answers. Robert A.M. Stern ARC ’65, dean of the Yale School of Architecture, emphasized the importance of a system that holds everyone accountable through standardized measurements.

University questions LEED rankings Paul Needham and Nora Wessel YaleDailyNews 2/8/08

Read about the first LEED certified parking garage in the US here.

And more on LEED rankings at this old post.

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One response to “Debating the value of LEED certification

  1. constanthappiness

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    world’s leading providers of Renewable Energy Education. They offer programs for Architects,
    Engineers, Contractors, Attorneys, Real Estate Professionals, Graduate and College Students, and
    anyone interested in knowing more about renewable energy or getting into the Renewable Energy
    Job Market”

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