Yale drops plans for Abu Dhabi arts institute

“After more than a year of talks, Yale University has backed away from its plan for an arts institute in Abu Dhabi, involving Yale’s art, music, architecture and drama schools.

“The stumbling block, ultimately, was Abu Dhabi’s insistence that Yale offer degree programs at the institute, and Yale’s refusal to grant its degrees in Abu Dhabi.”

Yale Moves Away From Plans for Link With Abu Dhabi TAMAR LEWIN New York Times 4/12/08

“The arts institute would also have been in step with efforts at a number of Yale’s peer schools, who are increasingly turning to Abu Dhabi and other Middle Eastern nations to establish academic partnerships. In the most ambitious of efforts, New York University announced in October that it will open a full-fledged liberal arts college in Abu Dhabi — one that will offer the same degrees students could earn at the New York City campus.”

Yale drops plans for Abu Dhabi: University refuses to offer full Yale degrees from proposed Abu Dhabi arts institute
4/11/08 Yale Daily News Thomas Kaplan and Nora Wessel

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