Flower Lady, star of “Sidewalk”

Flower Lady, star of ‘Sidewalk’
Zeynep Pamuk Yale Daily News Friday, April 11, 2008

“The word ‘opera’ generally does not evoke images of homeless people, drug addiction, mental illness and the US health care system. And ‘opera singer’ usually does not refer to the Flower Lady at the corner of Elm and York.

“At the Yale Cabaret’s ‘Sidewalk Opera,’ directed by Patricia McGregor DRA ’09, opera is all about homelessness, and the characters are the homeless of New Haven. Conceived and composed by Jana Hoglund DRA ’08 in order to explore the disconnection between Yale and New Haven, the project took shape after hours of interviews with homeless people at St. Thomas More Chapel. Hoglund condensed the stories from the interviews into a libretto and then composed music to accompany the words.”

Also: Here’s an article on the New Haven Trading Cards (Annette the Flower Lady is on one of them) from The New Yorker, March 13, 2006: Locals by Ben McGrath

+ the trading card website

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