YDN reviews Salome, Bluest Eye, 5 Fists of Science

Experience Salome’s sexecution Nicholle Manners

“Only the Victorian Era could merge elements of the Bible, striptease, necrophilia and a temper tantrum. Only Oscar Wilde would write it. For her senior project in theater studies, Jenny Nissel ’08 now brings it to the stage.”

Diamond’s ‘Bluest Eye’ has poetry, lacks color Alexis del Vecchio

“One of the characters in the Long Wharf Theatre’s adaptation of ‘The Bluest Eye’ humorously states that they are in search of a ‘meaningless distraction to help the day pass.’ The present reviewer urges anyone harboring such a quest to go see this production. In short, director Eric Ting’s take on Tony Morrison’s classical tale of alienation, although not an utter failure, falls short of capturing the enduring appeal of the original novel. The excessively lyricized production devises no emotional linkage to the audience, which is left perplexed and empty at the end of an overall long, dull and forced performance, which in turn adds nothing to the novel and rather takes away from its poetry, lyricism and soulful insight.”

AC/DC inventors throw a WMD, 2-D BLAMfest Zeynep Pamuk

“There is a weapon powerful enough to destroy the world, and evil powers are determined to steal it. ‘The world will soon be ours,’ says a cackling, raspy voice, followed by evil laughter. Will our hero be able stop the bad guys in time and save the world from destruction?

“To anyone who has ever read a comic book this plot should sound familiar, but superheroes and dangerous weapons are hardly the fixtures of a typical theatergoing experience. ‘The Five Fists of Science,’ at the Yale Cabaret, is a playful adaptation by Alex Knox DRA ’09 and Rebecca Phillips DRA ’09 from a graphic novel of the same title.”

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