Thomas Heatherwick lecture

“East Beach Cafe” by Thomas Heatherwick. Photo found at Yanko Design.

Saarinen lecturer Heatherwick changes blueprints for ‘normal’ Paul Needham Yale Daily News 4/2/08

“Thomas Heatherwick, Monday’s Eero Saarinen Lecturer, was a surprising choice for the architecture series — which is altogether fitting, given the young designer’s eclectic work.

“’He’s a little out of the normal sequence,’ Robert A.M. Stern ARC ’65, dean of Yale’s School of Architecture, readily acknowledged.

“Stern meant that Heatherwick was an unconventional pick for this spring’s Saarinen Lecture, which is usually delivered by someone outside the sphere of architecture who has nevertheless had an impact on the field. But Heatherwick, a designer-cum-architect if there ever was one, would not fit into many sequences, anyway; his portfolio features both handbags and bridges, watches and sculpture.”

Heatherwick studio website

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  1. Conceptual !!! Very interesting

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