Maya Lin’s last memorial

Maya Lin’s “Women’s Table,” Yale University

“The growing degradation of the natural world haunts Lin — celebrated as the creator of the Vietnam Veterans Memorial and the reinventor of the American memorial genre — as she pulls together the plans for what she says will be her ‘last memorial.’

“The title of this work-in-progress, like many of the details, is evolving: Perhaps ‘What is Missing,’ perhaps simply ‘Missing.’ But the theme is clear: Lin’s finale will grieve for the animals, birds and plants driven into extinction — and warn of the urgency of acting now to halt the devastation.”

Maya Lin’s earthly concerns Anne-Marie O’Connor Los Angeles Times 4/1/08

Posted by: Tanya


One response to “Maya Lin’s last memorial

  1. Hey!:D
    Is this really Maya Lin’s Last Memorial or that is just the name of the piece?..I am doing an art project for the class that I am taking now and It will be really helpful to know..can you please write me back in a comment on my blog..thanks 🙂

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